IED 2016 & Calzados Victoria

How to summarize 100 years in 20 seconds? The students from the master’s in Motion Graphics Design at IED Madrid have shown us it’s possible to do it and, even more, to get great results! For the fourth year running, these students have worked in an audiovisual project inspired in the brand Victoria.

The course, specialized in motion graphics effects, is provided in the design school Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. The final project of the students consisted of creating a spot based in the key values of Victoria: a 100-year-old footwear brand made in Spain, high environmental awareness, strong international presence and commitment to design and new technologies.

Five projects with a high level of quality and creativity are the result of this collaboration. The IED students suggest a new brand vision with lots of talent and originality reaching clearly the objectives of the collaboration.

Ana Gutiérrez and Natasha Hodgkins present us “Handmade summer, verano Victoria”. This mixed animation project combines traditional animation (recyclable material elements, watercolours and acrylics) with digital technology. The spot takes us to summer with its bright colours and reminiscences of this season: ice cream, sunglasses or a bicycle.


Guillermo León, Santiago Cifuentes, Luis Núñez and Maite Martín, have created a spot which leads us travelling across the brand and the history of fashion and art. The “Inglesa” plimsoll is the key object which is combined with geometric line elements and refined colours. 2D and 3D motions are mixed in a dynamic video with references to the timelessness of Victoria.

Luis Nuñez, Maite Martin, Santiago Cifuentes, Guille A. León

Julio Núñez, David Rubio, Fernando Tendero and Simone Gallucci present “Nature,” a spot where the shoes become another element of nature, living in perfect harmony with flowers and animals. Hummingbirds trying to suck the pleasant scent of the Victoria shoes, chameleons mimicking the canvas colour or frogs spying curious the plimsoll.


Florinda Pamungkas, Irune Azkarate, Marianne and David Patarroyo have created a project full of symbolism and constant references to the values of Calzados Victoria: the carnation, the Spanish national flower, makes a clear reference to the origins of the brand. The female body reinforces the character of Victoria, the monarch butterfly is the symbol of the transformation, colorful and multidisciplinary facet of the Victoria’s collections. The eye takes us to Asia, one of the major international markets, while the poem guides us during the audiovisual strengthening the understanding.


Ramón Arcas, Auxi Alba and Alejandra Fonseca base their spot in the manufacturing process of the classic “Inglesa” plimsoll, recreating a history in a happy, cheerful atmosphere with “Kawaii”, the Japanese style elements, full of life, tender and innocence. The use of pastel colours and accessories is the result of the seeking of harmonization with Victoria commercial campaigns.


Congratulations to all of you and thanks for collaborating again with Calzados Victoria… the result is wonderful!

Victoria & IED Madrid

This season , we’ve collaborated for the third year running with IED Madrid where students from the master’s in Motion Graphics Design have worked in an audiovisual project inspired in the beginnings of the brand 100 years ago.

The results of this collaboration between Victoria and IED are different spots/videos with incredible results in terms of originality, technique and design.

The video of Adriana and Rita, in their own words: “this is a love story… but one of love in general. We talk about the memories of a lifetime, those moments which leave a mark on us and stay forever in our minds. Because life is about walking and love is just the first step… Victoria keeps gifting love”.


The Gregorio and Victoria “Love Story” by Javier&Carlos :

Beylin, Sergio and Alejandra have created a spot thanks to we can travel along the music history.

Enrique, Ivonne y Manuel presents a audiovisual inspired in the evolution of Gregorio in the last 100 years.

Pablo and Jose have created a project with lot of symbolism and references to the values of Calzados Victoria: sweet arome, music asociation or summer time.

Victoria & IED Madrid

We would like to share with you our last collaboration with IED Madrid where the students from Motion Graphics Design Master have work in a audiovisual project inspired in our Winter Collection.

Here the result!:

Project from: Evelyn Sánchez, Adrián Marzal , Nelly Ragua.

“Our video, inspired by the visual artist Hernan Paganini, shows the seasons transformation to enhace the Victoria’s shoes funcionality during the whole year.”

Project from: Capeto Carrión,Nacho Sánchez, Maykol Saenz Música: Pop Up ZOE.LEELA

“With this video we tried to recreate the textures and colours from the different materials from Victoria and the different season, in order to build a Victoria Universe.

Special thanks to: Juan Enrique Aguilar (Director), Iñaki Gil (Profesor), Juanma Mota (Tutor) and all the students involved.


Experimento Victoria 2012: 12 International Designers Imagining a New Shoe

Discover Experimento Victoria 2012 a very special Project with twelve young international designers who have reinvented our classic plimsolls. From Spain to Indonesia, South Africa, Colombia or Russia, twelve designers around the world have been reinventing our traditional plimsolls to show what our brand means for them and what does it mean in their culture.

Inspired in nature, traditions or different life styles, the designs show the different realities of a multicultural world. The samples were exhibited in theVictoria’s Stand at the Bread and Butter Tradeshow and can be seen here.