A trip around our 2015 Centenary

The most special year for Victoria is coming to an end, in 2015 we have celebrated our 100th anniversary! Everything started back in 1915, when Gregorio decided to create a shoe that he named after his first love – his wife, Victoria.

It’s not every day that someone turns 100 years old, so this anniversary has been full of activities and celebrations in which first love was the central focus. On Valentine’s Day we booked the last rows of several Spanish cinemas and we invited couples to watch films as a tribute to first love.

Dance floors have been the stage of lots of love stories so we organized several parties at the mythical Spanish clubs OchoyMedio (Madrid) and Sala Apolo (Barcelona), where we gave a LOVE BOAT Party, a thematic celebration set in the famous TV series of the 70s and 80s. Furthermore, we gave an exclusive party on open sea where a catamaran rode the waves with lot of surprises and we raffled some prizes such as a trip to Ibiza.

The little ones are a very special part of our public, so Victoria was present in the Spanish festival “el día minimúsica”, an event for children which seeks that kids enjoy and experience new family offers, activities, workshops, games through music, technology, food, sport and fashion. A very big cake and a cupcake workshop let the children have lots of fun.


We love music and we are strongly promoting it. That is why this last Summer we gave our best by livening up Madrid’s evenings with our Victoria Acoustic Concerts, some exclusive acoustic sessions with several Spanish well-known artists such as Georgina, Pol, Modelo de Respuesta Polar, Rodrigo Robles or Mäbu. But these artists were not alone on stage, we organized a band battle in our social media channels to look for supporting bands. We put an end with the Victoria Festival featuring Spanish artists. Pol, Hynkel, Mamita Papaya and June’s Kaleidoscope.

At Victoria we’re big fans or art and design, so in 2015 we’ve collaborated for the third year running with IED Madrid where students from the master’s in Motion Graphics Design have worked in an audiovisual project inspired in the beginnings of the brand 100 years ago.

We’ve also collaborated with the Flic Festival Illustration Network, a Spanish platform whose purpose is to promote the work of young talented artists in several disciplines through a contest in which young artists have customized more than 200 pairs of our iconic plimsoll 06613.


Even Barbie has joined our anniversary in a very special occasion for the doll, for the first time in more than five decades, she will be able to kick off her stilettos and opt for a pair of comfy flats. For this occasion, she chose an exclusive redesign of our platform 09200.

victoria con logo

And of course, the Victoria plimsolls collection has been a special part of all this celebration. Last summer we created our most extensive and original collection ever. And as a tribute of our most legendary plimsoll, we launched a limited edition model 16766 consisting of 1915 pairs with exclusive details.


But this is not everything. Here you have a small selection of other events celebrated all over the world, thanks to the different Victoria teams all around the world, to make it possible.

We have celebrated our 100th anniversary beyond our borders as well! We started the year with a big party for our customers in Milano.



During Spring, we opened a pop-up store at the exclusive department store Citadium in Paris.



South Koreans could get to know Victoria’s story trough an exhibition in Seoul.

Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5

Last Autumn we participated in a great event in the area of Shoreditch, London, where we had the opportunity of customizing our plimsolls with the magazine InStyle.


As you can see, we haven’t stopped! If you want to know more details of Victoria don’t miss our anniversary commemorative web www.victoria100yearsoflove.com where you can discover our story, learn about how we make our shoes, our love story, our lookbooks, proyects, events, contests, press coverage or a special gift for your birthday!

And this is not the end… the love story between Victoria & you continues!

Barbie by VICTORIA

Victoria Shoes has recently collaborated with Barbie, designing an exclusive shoe inspired by the doll. This collaboration has been carried out because of a very special occasion for Barbie: for the first time in more than five decades, the doll will be able to kick off her stilettos and opt for a pair of comfy flats thanks to her new adjustable ankles.

The doll is a social fashion icon and seeks to represent the wishes and aspirations of each little girl. Barbie has also been dressed in many occasions by very famous world designers.

At Victoria we have redesigned one of our platform shoes exclusively for Barbie. This model is one of our most iconic ones and the miniature will be replicated in a 3cm small size so that it can perfectly fit in the delicate doll’s feet.

Do you like the model? Here you have some similar Victoria’s shoes!

victoria con logo

Did you know that?

Victoria was founded in Spain in 1915 in a small town in La Rioja, when its founder Gregorio, had the idea of creating a shoe named after his wife Victoria, whom he had married the previous year.

We’ve carried out many projects in this area, being one of the most interesting ones the collaboration with “Semana de la Verdura” (Vegetables’ Week). This event aims to promote the quality and variety of horticultural products in Calahorra (La Rioja), as well as to stand out the harmony between creativity and the culinary world through multiple activities. One of them was the catwalk in which Victoria collaborated.

For this original activity, students of the design school of La Rioja re-designed some of our models using real local vegetables.



Another new summer, the “Navy Chic” breaks into the looks of the season. Sailor stripes in red, navy and white; gold buttons, anchors, knots on rope, esparto and natural materials patterns, fill over the streets again evoking good weather and “The Love Boat”.

There are many historical references of this style, which can already be considered as a classic. Since Coco Chanel posing with a striped sailor shirt in one of his most famous snapshots, until Jean-Paul Gaultier, one of the main ambassadors of marinière style, and an uncountable number of celebrities over the last few summers.

Accessories have become an indispensable element of this style, from Victoria we would like to propose several models for children, male and female that will make your look an indisputable success.

Click on each photo if you want more details of the models!


Bamba by Victoria. A very special collection, 100% made in Spain, as a tribute to the Mediterranean espadrilles.


Victoria, plain or with contrasting details. On Cotton canvas 100% organic, with
natural rubber sole.


English with an elastic inside and rubber toe. 100% made in Spain and it is machine washable!


Slip-on seafaring, with the toe of striped canvas or natural linen, a “must” of The Love Boat”.


Limited edition “Century of first love.” A reissue of 1915 pairs of English classical with numbered label and leather insole.It includes, canned box, cotton bag and a copy of the publication of our 100 years of history.


At Victoria we are celebrating our 100 years of first love, a century since Gregorio created a shoe named after his first love; Victoria.

We’ve celebrated it by creating our most extensive, original collection ever, which pays tribute to legendary models like canvas shoes, new chunky sole heel, as well as our new casual sole in form of slip-on shoes that have become a must-have this season.


There are many new designs: tropical, fluorescent, glitters, flowery or palms. Combined perfectly with metallic, linen, suede or canvas fabrics.


The SS15 collection pays a precise attention to detail combined with the unique care of a strengthened relationship.


In our international Facebook you can see all the images of this SS15 campaing.


Sin título

Victoria will be present at the Spanish pavilion of the Expo Milano which started last 1st of May in the Italian city. In collaboration with the Spanish brand Kukuxumusu, we have designed a plimsoll for the staff at the pavilion.

¡One more thing to celebrate in our most special year!

SUMMER TRENDS: Lively colors

We can already feel Summer coming and bringing with it a colour explosion in every wardrobe.

Accessories play a key role to give your look a fresh and becoming touch this season.
In Victoria, we have dressed our shoes summer-like tones such as strawberry, papaya, mint, merlot or ocean. There is a design for each style.

Check out our web www.calzadosvictoria.com and discover all the combinations we have.

Which one do you prefer?

colorama 2

See you in Paris!


Some days ago we opened our new Victoria pop-up in the modern space Citadium. Located in Paris, this place offers a mixture of music, events and fashion trends. The opening has been really successful, lots of people visited Victoria’s store and the street style has consolidated as the key trend for this season.


We are really excited with this new project, which joins the list of Victoria’s pop-ups around the world: the first and most innovative in Boxpark, London and the most international in Bankgok, Thailand.

Click here for more photos!

“el día minimúsica”: a spanish festival for the little ones


Last 12th April took place the kids festival “el día minimúsica” in Barcelona, Spain. After the success of previous editions, this year more than 2,500 people attended this event and tickets sold out. For those who do not know about this festival, “el día minimúsica” is an event for children which seeks that kids enjoy and experience new family offers, activities, workshops, games through music, technology, food, sport and fashion.

At Victoria we didn’t want to miss this festival, so we organized a birthday workshop in which the little ones could make their own cupcakes and take pictures with their families with a big cake-shaped photocall.

Spanish well-known artists, like Delafé y las Flores Azules, they joined our 100th anniversary celebration by blowing out the candles of the cake after their performance (on their Victorias, of course!).

Keep visiting our social networks, we will publish all the pictures of the event very soon!

Let’s start the celebration

Last Monday one of the first events of celebration of our 100th anniversary took place in Milano: our birthday party!

The event was held at Leclettico, a creative space in the Italian fashion capital, which is frequented by trendsetters and artists.

During the evening, more than 300 attendees enjoyed several concerts and a DJ session and they had the chance of joining a tatoo workshop.

Here you have some photos of the experience. We hope you like them!








More photos on Facebook!