Welcome to the walking revolution
with Victoria Barefoot!

According to Dr. Daniel Lieberman, an expert in Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University, barefoot running is not only a natural experience but also a biomechanically superior and metabolically more efficient choice. By freeing the feet, one enables full-body engagement, thereby fortifying each muscle and evenly distributing effort. This consequently mitigates impact on the joints.


If there's one thing we know here at Victoria, it's adapting to the needs of our clients. This chameleon-like ability is one of our defining traits as a brand, and it has enabled us to detect market trends and address them with attractive offerings.

The rise of Barefoot footwear and respectful footwear with a 100% minimalist index is now a reality. In order to satisfy the market and customer needs, we have created FEEL THE EARTH, BENEATH YOUR FEET. Our new line of respectful children's footwear.


Bosco Barefoot Collection

Our Bosco Barefoot collection not only embodies the essence of Victoria as it is manufactured in Spain to the highest quality standards using premium materials, but we have also endeavored to design it in collaboration with top experts: a team of physicians, biomechanics specialists, physiotherapists, and podiatrists with over 15 years of experience in the field. They have assisted us in developing the best sole for the proper foot development of the young children.